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My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden

Enrichment Lesson
It’s my garden and I will cultivate it any way I like.

I consider myself a modern woman; well educated, sexually liberated and socially aware. However I recently suffered a rude awakening.

A few days after we first got naked, my latest sexual encounter asked, “So have you got the whipper snipper out yet?”

I was shocked. “What do you mean?” I didn’t consider myself to be hairy; years ago I’d had laser hair removal to ensure that the “hair down there” would never be visible when wearing a bikini.

“Well most women today have all the hair off, certainly the hair below,” he replied.

This was news to me, I always thought a landing strip referred to a thin strip of hair that went all the way around. I’d never considered having that part lasered. “No, surely not?” I said.

“Well honey. I’ve probably seen more naked women than you.”

I couldn’t argue with that. I was beginning to suspect he may have seen a few too many for my liking. “Fuck you mean I spent all that money on lasering and missed the most important bit?”

“Yep.” He replied. We both laughed.

Always one to want a fully informed opinion, I did some research on the internet and was shocked to find that 45% of men preferred totally bare and 74% preferred no hair below (i.e all hair removed between the legs).

Where had I been when this hair removal revolution was going on and why had no one told me?

I asked my girlfriends and found that those that were single, or younger, or had only recently married tended towards the full monty. Whereas those that were older, or had been married for a long time, tended towards the au naturale route (so to speak).

Despite the prolific conversations we had about men and sex my girlfriends and I had never previously debated the merits of pubic hair and I was discovering that “less is more” was certainly true when it came to oral sex.

I then conferred with one of my closet male friends while we were catching up over a glass of wine. He can always be relied upon to give an honest opinion even when I don’t want to hear it and god damn him, when it comes to the male perspective, he is usually right.

“Do most girls today have everything waxed off downstairs or do they have a landing strip and if so does the strip extend all the way around or just on the front bit……I have been getting a bit of an education about this and I’m shocked to find I am not up with the latest!!”

“Ahh the million dollar question … to shave or not to shave?” He laughed before continuing, “we all know hippy hairy is out for many reasons, both oral and penetrative sex. I think most guys prefer shaved.”

My own research had borne this out.

“Personally I find a landing strip can be very sexy, as it clearly defines the girl as a woman not a child. The added benefit for the amateur is that in the dark he can follow the runway all the way down to the important parts – bit like a sign post … eg ‘it’s down here idiot!’ Now with the shaved or not dilemma, for me the real answer is – it depends on the girl and whether her bits hang out and it looks gross, or all the bits are all tucked in waiting to be enticed out to play.”

“Ew gross!!!”

“One last thing,” he continued ignoring my outburst. “Now when women are shaved the other secret is no stubble (although waxing almost guarantees this) as nothing worse than getting a mouth full of splinters!”

I laughed, “Well now you know what it’s like to kiss a guy who hasn’t bothered to shave.”

“Do I need to divulge more from a guy’s perspective?”

“Nope I think you given more than enough info, thanks.”

“Oh by the way, I have often wondered if waxing really hurt?”

I replied, “Had my first Brazilian today and fuck me did it hurt….”

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