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Back On The Horse

Back On The Horse

Enrichment Lesson
If a man can’t handle the truth best to know before I am emotionally invested

I went on a date on Monday night. It was fun, we laughed a lot. I arrived late. I was on the phone to a friend who is helping me find a job. I apologised for my tardiness and explained the reason. Turns out my job-finding friend, was groomsman at my date’s wedding. Talk about six degrees of separation; sometimes it seems more like two on the Coast!

My date was a nice guy, however I didn’t feel that curl of anticipation in the pit of my stomach. When he asked to kiss me good night, I chastely proffered my cheek; like the virtuous maiden that I am. As I got into bed my thoughts were not of him, but of my last romantic interlude.

The date was seven hours long so we exchanged a lot of information. I told him about my cancer, mastectomy and the depression. Too much, too soon? Perhaps. Anyway getting back to my date; he had a few black marks, so by sharing this information I was just trying to even the score. Not the least of his negatives was his three teenage daughters. They were yet to experience the pleasure of welcoming a new woman into darling Daddy’s life. He was planning a trip to Paris with his 14 year old for her next birthday. She was his “special girl.”

His divorce was yet to be finalised. I was confident that he had no emotional attachment to his wife; however the fact that had only parted ways six months ago; with his mistress of five years, was a bit of a double-edged sword. I did give him a tick for honesty at least. So I was not that perturbed to receive a text yesterday “…..It was fantastic meeting you and I really enjoyed your company but……….” My ego gasped but my heart did not sigh.

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