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A Bird In The Hand

A Bird In The Hand

Enrichment Lesson
Never cancel a coffee date today in anticipation of one tomorrow

I had two “coffee” dates arranged last weekend. When internet dating, I find it best to organise a coffee meeting before committing to a real date. However I have learnt my lesson from previous experiences, and now always ensure that my “coffee” dates are on separate days. So the first date, Date A, was scheduled for Saturday, and Date B was scheduled for Sunday.

Although we had only exchanged a few emails and chatted briefly on the phone, Date A ticked all the boxes. He was a well-educated, well-travelled, senior executive, tall, fit, divorced for several years and close to my age. Whereas Date B was shorter, older and neither well-travelled nor well-educated. However he was very successful in his chosen career and he made me laugh. He had also been divorced for several years. Much to my surprise when I hung up from talking to Date B, I realised we had chatted for well over an hour. This I can easily do, however I find men rarely have the stamina to last the distance with me.

Date A seemed very keen. He emailed me to tell me how much he enjoyed our chat and texted me twice the next day, (obviously he doesn’t subscribe to the ”treat them mean keep them keen approach“ that unfortunately seems to work so well with me). I must admit his enthusiasm dampened my interest. But when Date B rang me again the next night, I was delighted. We enjoyed another lengthy session of flirtatious and amusing banter. Consequently, I decided to put Date A on ice (nicely and politely of course!) until after I met Date B, (my first mistake).

Date A was gallant and gracious (although of course disappointed); when I rang to postpone our “coffee” date. I somewhat coyly refused to commit to a future date, but promised to call him once my schedule freed up, (my second mistake). When I met with Date B he was nice, charming and polite, so I agreed to have dinner with him. However despite a couple of champagnes the chemistry I felt on the phone proved to be elusive face to face. Why is the fantasy always so much more appealing than reality?

After I returned home from a rather early night, I valiantly decided not to give up hope but to email Date A and resurrect him for the following weekend, (my third mistake). Much to my shock and dismay I received the following prompt reply “…Thanks for your email but I actually met someone else this weekend. Sorry to miss out on our meeting and I wish you all the best in your search..” Hmm why does Date A, suddenly seem like the one that got away?

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