Drink The Wild Air | by Fiona Evans
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Drink the Wild Air

An accidental awakening

A story of courage, triumph, pain, love and friendship.

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I turned to Jac and said, ‘Uh oh, I think I’m in deep shit. This must be the “you’re fucked” room.’

About the Book

Sometimes we long to step off the merry-go-round but few have the courage to take the leap.

For 40-something Fiona, that leap became an imperative. In Drink the Wild Air, she chronicles the unravelling of her life with an arresting and confronting candour.

When the story opens, Fiona is a successful professional who cannot abide the thought of failure. Despite an uneasy but increasing dissatisfaction she battles on, until she is diagnosed with cancer.

We are plunged into this poignant tale as if we were by her side – crying, laughing, loving and discovering. Things just seem to happen to Fiona; nothing remains undisturbed. Her irreverent wit and pithy perspective on human interactions – along with a range of inspiring and courageous characters – will keep the reader engaged and entertained.

As her journey progresses Fiona is forced to deal with her deepest insecurities and personal fears. Through her acceptance of the changes that cancer has wrought on her, she embarks on the pursuit of a passionate life: one that is a kaleidoscope of warmth, love, laughter, creativity and friendship.

She learns that true strength comes from accepting her vulnerability and that happiness is a choice to live fully in the moment, rather than allowing the beauty and joy of the here and now to be hijacked by the uncertainty of tomorrow.

Emotionally raw, this rollicking read is ultimately warm and uplifting.

About the Author

Fiona’s love of writing began at a young age and continued into her early years of high school. She was renowned for writing plays and cajoling her friends into performing them with her.

She commenced her career with PricewaterhouseCoopers and became a qualified chartered accountant despite being told by a senior partner, ‘You are a very extroverted young lady. The personality of a chartered accountant lies within certain parameters and your personality does not fit within those parameters.’ Although grossly insulted at the time, she came to view this as quite a compliment.

Fiona gained post-graduate qualifications in marketing while working across the eastern seaboard of Australia and, internationally, as an ‘agent of change’ for companies such as GE Capital Finance, The Brisbane Lions and Wunderman Cato Johnson. Caught up in her career, she completely lost touch with her creative spirit.

‘…You are a very extroverted young lady. The personality of a chartered accountant lies within certain parameters and your personality does not fit within those parameters.’

Fast forward 20 years… on the advice of her ‘shrink’, she started to write her story to help her deal with the emotional aftermath of her journey through cancer. She rediscovered a deep and abiding passion for writing. She consequently decided to step off the merry-go-round of corporate life and set up her own consultancy.

She currently lives in on the Gold Coast and works with small to medium enterprises to minimise their growing pains.

Fiona is currently working on her second book A Risk of the Heart. Her blog focuses on the issues of dating as a forty-something single. It provides endless entertainment for both her married and single friends who vicariously live through her exploits and learn from them.

Her two favourite foods are ice-cream and chocolate.

In the Beginning

A nurse came and collected me from the general waiting area for yet another test; a stereotactic needle biopsy.

They had already explained how the procedure would be conducted. I would be given a local anaesthetic; then my breast would be compressed in a special x-ray machine that would be used to locate the area of concern. A doctor would use a gun-like needle to take the sample. The whole process would take 20 to 30 minutes and while I was still in the machine, the sample would be tested to make sure they had what they needed.

The nurse led me into a room in which two other women, a radiologist and a doctor, were standing surrounded by a jungle of medical equipment.

‘Will this hurt?’ I asked.

The radiologist said, ‘You might be a bit uncomfortable in the machine, but hopefully we won’t take too long.’

I took off the hospital gown. The doctor injected me with a local anaesthetic. I turned away — I’ve always hated needles.

The nurse helped me to position myself in the machine. She lifted my breast. ‘Can you stand a bit closer?’ she asked.

I pressed my face against the cold metal and wrapped my left arm around the column of the machine as if I were a one-armed lover. This action lifted my left breast and enabled the nurse to put even more of it on the bottom plate. She stood beside me as the radiologist lowered the top plate until my breast was compressed between them. It was tight and uncomfortable. The radiologist pressed the button. But something was wrong, nothing happened.

From the Blog

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
– Marilyn Monroe

This blog’s about the travails of dating as a 40-something woman who is learning to accept herself and realising that attractiveness and self-assurance have nothing to do with perfection.

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